We are a 501(c)(3) pending educational non profit organization working in the DFW area to make a tangible difference in the local waste stream.

Through education, hands-on engagement, and provision of needed services or materials, we aim to create awareness and action for local waste stream reduction.


We believe people of all ages and backgrounds deserve the opportunity to fully understand the impact their choices make on their communities, the ecology, and the future. Only then can they be asked to care, invest, and act.


We put our hearts and hands where the community need is greatest. Establishing community compost piles, sorting organic waste collections, participating in community clean-ups, or distributing zero-waste lifestyle items.


Through our subsidiary CompostHaste, we provide curbside residential, business and event composting.  When engaged in these programs, individuals begin to examine all aspects of their waste stream and make better choices – both upstream and down.